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When creating a nursery for your impending new arrival furniture is a good place to start. You'll need something that'll stand the test of time. Choose something from our gorgeous collection and you can't go wrong. Built to last, in premium New Zealand pine, all our wood is sourced from well managed forests. Solid and sturdy, our beautiful furniture can be handed down through generations. That's Cosatto craftsmanship.

Cosatto wardrobes will grow with your child. Coming complete with two hanging rails they can accommodate lots of tiny hanging outfits. Then remove the second rail as their clothes get larger. Put baskets of sleepsuits and shoes on the generous shelves.

Cosatto 3 in 1 Cot Beds...

We've made some little changes to our cot beds which are sure to make a BIG difference for you. Cosatto cot beds have always been a great value option. Now, our innovative new 3 in 1 design comes with 3 modes:

  • Cot - Suitable from the day little one arrives,

  • Cot Bed - For when he's ready for a grown up bed,

  • Sofa - For when your baby isn't a baby anymore.

Now with the changes we've made Cosatto cot beds will stay useful for years to come.

Doing our bit...

At Cosatto we've been making quality nursery stuff for 40 years and have always been careful that the wood we select comes from sustainable sources (that means when a tree is cut down another tree is planted in its place).



Now we've decided it would be nice to give a little something extra back. So for every piece of wooden furniture we sell, we're going to plant a tree. We've teamed up with some really nice people at Carbon Clear (a leading carbon management company) who work with farmers to ensure that the trees planted on our behalf are nurtured and cared for, for at least 30 years. So while you watch your little one sleeping soundly in their Cosatto nursery, somewhere out there a little tree is growing big and strong too. Everyone knows more trees make a healthy planet.

The serious stuff

We plant a tree for every piece of nursery furniture you buy. How does it work? When you buy a piece of Cosatto wooden furniture; in partnership with Carbon Clear we will arrange for a tree to be grown on your behalf. Carbon Clear supports small groups of farmers around the world in planting trees with a wide variety of nutritional, medicinal and argricultural uses. They look after the trees for 10 years which remain in the ground for another 20-30 years after the payments finish.

This partnership enables communities to transform the landscape and provides wider social benefits through investment and training. To find out more about Carbon Clear visit their website to see how they do their thing. *excludes highchairs.

We take care of the planet! This is our first step; looking at what we do as a business and how we can change things. It's to get the ball rolling and engage everyone we deal with. We think you'll love it as much as we do.

Carbon Clear Community Tree Planting Projects in Africa Statistics
Uganda Kenya Tanzania
Project Area: Bushenvi, Kabale & Kanungu Project Area: Meru & Nanyuki Project Area: Dodoma & Morogoro
Number of Groups: 579 Number of Groups: 5887 Number of Groups: 294
Number of people in Group: Up to 12 Number of people in Group: Up to 12 Number of people in Group: Up to 12
Number of people in Group: Avacado, Cyprus, Enshaari, Eucalyptus, Gravellia, Misaipras, Omusizi, Orange, Papaw & Pinus Patula Number of people in Group: Avacado, Cyprus, Bottle Brush, Cordio Africanna, Croton Megalocupus, Cyprus, Eucalyptus, Gravellia, Mango, Mukwego & Wattle tree Number of people in Group: Eucalyptus, Luciner, Miarobaini, Michongoma, Mijohoro, Mikaratasi, Mimelea, Miporosofi, Miwatu & Mjlonge